Ellie the Elephant (to be…)

One of my favourite things to do is knit for my friends and family who are expecting babies.  Baby things are just so fun and quick to knit, and there’s so many fantastic patterns out there! So when my friends Brad and Vanessa announced they’re expecting their first, I immediately started searching for the perfect pattern.  Vanessa crochets, so I knew it had to be something that would be more difficult to find in a crocheting pattern. I was looking through my pattern binder and found a pattern for a little elephant stuffed animal, and I knew it was perfect!  I’ve knit stuffed animals before which turned out really well and I like that the babies can’t outgrow them!


I’m not too far on it yet but I thought I’d post pics of my progress!  Luckily I had some grey yarn the perfect shade. :Image




Looking forward to the finished product!  About a year and a half ago, friends of mine had their fourth child, so I made each child a different animal to match their personalities.  They loved them and sleep with them still which is so lovely to see.




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